Short visit report of Ricardo Cordero to Peru 2015


In my function as new president of Fundación Educación, I visited all countries where our foundation is active. This was my first trip to Perú. My wife, Susana, accompanied me to this fascinating country.

This „Primeur“ was beyond my expectations. Overall, I was very impressed about how the Country program of Perú is organized and run. Our visit program was organized in a most excellent way („Swiss Made“), and all our meetings were very useful and started on time (which, considering the chaotic traffic in Lima, is quite an achievement!).

Equal to other visits, we met representatives of the local committee (George G. Gruenberg, Juan Mulder, Colin Darbyshire, Bertha Aspillaga and Carmen Rosa Montoya), of the universities and colleges (PUCP, UTEC and TECSUP) and, finally, groups of scholars and alumni.

It is a fact that we can learn a lot from this program (the largest and oldest). Here, the very good organization of the local committee, the unceasingly high motivation of its members, especially, the exemplary work performed by Bertha Aspillaga (also known as “Madre”) related to the „Compromiso de Honor“, the very close relationship between scholars, alumni and our local committee, and the very close ties that exist to all our partner universities and colleges, are worthwhile to mention. Further, we were highly impressed by the high standards of work conducted by the alumni association „Compartiendo Caminos“.

Finally, Perú is one of the most fascinating countres that I have ever visited – and if you happen to like creative and high-end cuisine, this country is clearly a must!