Strategic Partnership between the Julius Baer Foundation and Fundación Educación


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Julius Baer Foundation has accepted to join the circle of Strategic Partners of Fundación Educación.

The Julius Baer Foundation, active since 1965, focuses on helping children and young adults in Switzerland and worldwide. As in the case of Fundación Educación, its vision is to promote equal opportunities by reducing the poverty-related educational gap and to support young adults in their personal development to become responsible adults.

Promoting equal opportunities is a potent means for the transformation of civil society. Fundación Educación makes a contribution to that goal by facilitating the access of young talents from low-income families to the best educational institutions of their home country. For that purpose, it has been running scholarship programs in Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala for more than 20 years. A close personal monitoring of its scholars and their integration into vibrant alumni organizations sets the framework for helping them mature into responsible members of society.

We are very happy that in the future our slogan – "We empower talent for change" – will also be shared by the Julius Baer Foundation as our Strategic Partner.