Visit of Franz Stirnimann to Medellín, Colombia


Besides contacts with the local committee, scholars and alumni, the focus of my visit was to review and discuss the program of CESE, the alumni association of Colombia, as well as discussions with Dr. Juan Luis Mejia, the rector of EAFIT, regarding scholarships in Colombia in general, and at EAFIT in particular.

One major goal of CESE is to organize various activities, and by doing so to create a lifetime community for our scholars and alumni. The rector of EAFIT once again reiterated that EDUCATION in fact was the start of scholarships at this university. Today the bylaws of our foundation are applied by Colombian firms and other organization to grant scholarships at EAFIT.

Meanwhile also EAFIT is in the process of creating its own alumni association. For the purpose of fostering the coooperation between alumni associations, it has acquired the building called Casa de Egresados where CESE is domiciled.

Recognizing the importance of a broad professional education, at the end of 2014, the Colombian government launched a large-scale scholarship program at first-class educational institutions called „Colombia aprende - Ser pilo paga“. EAFIT is one of the selected educational institutions.