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Manuela Gómez Valencia, Colombia

Manuela attended school at the Escuela Normal Superior Maria Auxiliadora in Copacabana, a town north of Medellin. Already as a college student, she was active as a volunteer in a project for street children in the poorest and most difficult areas of Medellin. Thanks to her commitment in the project "Patio 13 - A School for Children in the street", funded by Germany, she was given the opportunity to spend a year at a university in Germany after school. Upon her return to Colombia her great desire to study at EAFIT became a reality thanks to Foundation Education and she began in 2015 studying business administration. Manuela is delighted with the quality of the studies, subjects and methods taught and the student initiatives at the university (such as UNSOCIETY). She dreams of using her knowledge in the future for a positive development of her country.