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  • Guatemala

    Ligia Pamela Godoy Cortés (1989)

    Born in Guatemala-City as one of five children. Attended state schools. Started her studies in 2010 at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala. Graduated as an Economics Engineer with "Magna Cum Laude" honors in 2014. Currently, she is a sales representative at Procter & Gamble, Guatemala.

  • Perú

    Eliezer Pachas (1983)

    Childhood in the province of Cañete. Attended Christian schools. Studied Systems Engineering at the Universidad de Lima. Graduated in the top fifth of his class. Co-founder of a student research company in cooperation with Microsoft. Finalist in the Young Leader competition organized by Procter & Gamble in 2006. Currently he works as a business development analyst for Perú/LATAM for Telefónica del Perú SA.

  • Colombia

    Octavio Peláez Montoya (1972)

    Born and raised in Medellín, without a father. Attended Christian schools. Graduated from EAFIT as an Engineer in 1997. Octavio works at Alico SA, one of Colombia's leading packaging firms. Here he is responsible for finances and quality management and personal assistant to the CEO. Further, he is co-founder and president of the alumni association CESE.

  • El Salvador

    Jeannette Pérez (1987)

    Born and raised as one of three children in San Antonio del Monte, in the province of Sonsonate, El Salvador. Attended state schools. Studied at the Instituto Tecnológico Centro América (ITCA), Santa Tecla. Graduated with honors as an IT-Enginneer in 2012. Currently she is a programming expert at the faculty of engineering of ITCA, Santa Tecla. Further, she is the president of the alumni association of Fundación Educación of El Salvador "Corazones en acción".

Latin America is characterized by great social contrasts and inequality of opportunities. Fundación Educación aims at opening up new perspectives by providing scholarships to young and promising talents from low income families so that these can study at one of the leading local colleges or universities. Meanwhile over 1'300 alumni of our foundation have successfully started their careers and are contributing to shape the future of their country.

We thank you for your support of our scholars!

Fundación Educación

We are a Swiss Foundation with a track record of more than 30 years. Currently, we maintain scholarship programs in Perú, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

By granting scholarships, we aim at giving young talented women and men from low income families the opportunity to become highly educated leaders in the fields of economy and technology.

Before a scholarship is granted, our candidates have to meet some essential preconditions. Among other things, we expect them to provide us with an excellent academic track record and to be persons with a strong sense of responsibility. Further, we expect our scholars to be proactive, and to show a high degree of social responsibility and persistence.

Currently, the average cost for a scholarship amounts to USD 4,100 per student per year or USD 19,000 for a full-time course of study.

Your contribution will not only change the life of one or a few young talents; it will also create the possibility for more such youth to follow in the same path, therewith improving the possibilities for many.


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