Facts and Figures

In an effort to sustainably entrench its purpose at the local level, the Foundation works with like-minded local funding partners on the financing side. Cooperations exist both for the co-financing of individual scholarships as well as for the handling of entire scholarship programs of local third-party organizations. Whereas in the latter collaborations the selection and supervision of scholarship recipients is carried out according to the Foundation's tried and tested guidelines, the local partners are free to determine the courses of study financed, which is why the partner universities may also differ from those of the Foundation.  
Unless otherwise stated, the following figures refer exclusively to the results generated with Foundation funds (i.e., excluding third-party scholarship programs). Scholarships financed by the returns from the "Compromiso de Honor" are counted as scholarships financed by the Foundation, even if in some cases they are awarded and administered by the local alumni organization.

Key Figures (consolidated, all amounts in USD) 
Scholarships funded 2021
Sucessful graduates since start of program
% of scholars who successfully complete their studies
%of scholars who immediately after graduation found employment
% of scholars who after graduation work in their country
%of donation that directly benefits the beneficiaries
Average cost per scholar per year
Average cost per study
Budget for scholarships 2021
On-site administrative costs for scholarship awarding & mentoring 2021
Administrative costs in Switzerland 2021
Total repayments from the "Compromiso de Honor" since start
Repayments from the "Compromiso de Honor" 2021
Number of scholarships funded by partner organizations 2021
Other locally raised funds for 2021 scholarships (incl. third-party programs)
Education statistics (all amounts in USD)PerúColombiaEl SalvadorGuatemalaTotal
Start of country program1994199620062007 
Successful graduates since start of country program802220145441'211
Scholars 31.12.202058471920144
New scholars 20215014288100
Graduates 20213099048
Leavers 2021225110
Scholars 31.12.202176503327186
Amount invested in scholarships 2021 (without local co-financing)317'593185'71180'247175'223758'774
of which with foundation funds176'403179'41172'079172'670600'563
of which with repayments from the "Compromiso de Honor"141'1906'3008'1682'553158'211
Local funding (all amounts in USD)PerúColombiaEl SalvadorGuatemalaTotal
Repayments from the "Compromiso de Honor" since start2’529’041122’69893’23711’2052’756’181
Number of payers of the "Compromiso de Honor" 2021276204027363
Repayments from the "Compromiso de Honor" 2021172’5217’90925’1872’553208’170
Local donations to co-fund Foundation scholarships 2021051’382048’05199’433
Number of scholarships in scholarship programs of local partner organizations 20212705335
Volume of scholarship programs of local partner organizations 2021112’09304’26424’000140’357
Locally generated funding for scholarships  2021 (incl. "Compromiso de Honor")284’61459’29129’45174’604447’960

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