Founder, Vision and Domicile of Foundation

Fundación Educación was created as a Swiss foundation in 1993 by the Swiss entrepreneur Dr. h.c. Ernst Keller and his wife Liselotte. For many years Ernst Keller had been active as an entrepreneur in Latin America.

Their vision was to invest in a first-class education of talented young women and men and hereby contribute to the development and strengthening of a middle class in Latin America.

At the outset the foundation established its scholarship programs in Perú and Colombia. Over time the programs were gradually expanded to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. In 2013 the program in Honduras was discontinued.

One of our goals is to set a mark for Switzerland in Latin America. This explains why ever since the start of our foundation's activities we could count on the support of numerous Swiss entrepreneurs and corporations with a high affinity to Latin America.

Ever since our foundation was created it established a strong relationship with the University of St. Gallen (HSG), where it is also domiciled. Further, there is a close relationship to the alumni association of this university (HSG Alumni), and today many of the members of the foundation's board are professors or alumni of the HSG.