Our Mission - We empower Talent for Change


The poor districts in Latin America are full of talented young people. Many of them can become successful entrepreneurs or managers as well as dedicated members of society. The preconditions to achieve these goals are a first-class education, an ethical compass and a social network.

We view it as our task to identify and to foster some of these youngsters by providing the necessary preconditions.

First-class education

We facilitate a first-class education for our scholars at one of the leading colleges and universities in the fields of economy or technology in all countries where our foundation is active. For that purpose we have carefully selected ten colleges and universities in Perú, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala with which we have established partnerships.

Country programs

It is our aim to exclusively foster academically excellent youngsters from low income families. Hereby a special focus is put on fostering young women especially since these are often at a disadvantage in traditional Latin American societies.

The selection of candidates for our programs is conducted by our local committees. These are normally composed of local entrepreneurs as well as alumni of our foundation who perform their duties on a voluntary basis.

Granting of scholarships

Ethical compass

As a foundation we are committed to supporting the creation of a strong civil society characterized by a high degree of personal responsibility and ethical standards. In order to achieve this goal the personal mentoring and fostering of our scholars by our local committees has proven to be the key to success.

Our ultimate goal is that our scholars and alumni one day become role models for an excellent academic education, social mobility as well as professional and social commitment.

Social network

Once our candidates join our scholarship programs they become members of our local alumni associations. These associations are strongly supported by us and form an important network and a solid base for the future formation of our scholars.

Finally, with the so called “Compromiso de Honor” our scholars enter the moral obligation to repay their scholarship according to their posiibilities once they have graduated. All monies recovered via this route are exclusively used to grant further scholarships to future young talents.