How are scholarships granted?

Granting scholarships is a result of a close coordination and cooperation with our local committees as well as our partner colleges and universities.

The selection of our partner colleges and universities is done by our Foundation Board. Hereby some essential factors are taken into consideration: academic excellence on the one hand, and the procurement of the principles of a democratic and social free market economy on the other hand. Finally, all schools must be politically independent and abide to a liberal social order.

The steps until a scholarship is granted are as follows:

In a first step our partner colleges and universities conduct a first selection of potential candidates according to the criteria as stipulated by our foundation. Thereafter these candidates are presented to the local committee for an initial review. In this step the academic track record and social and economic provenience of the candidate is of key importance.

In a next step the candidates are closely interviewed by the representatives of our local committees.

Once the local committees has made its selection of candidates the full records of these are sent to the Swiss Foundation Board for a final review and approval for scholarships.

In principle our foundation only takes over the obligation to pay for the tuition fees at the respective college or university. Any other costs will only be borne by the foundation in the case of well-justified reasons. The foundation attaches great importance to scholars having a good level of English, which is why it will cover the costs of English lessons on request.

By granting a scholarship our foundation commits itself to finance a scholar for a full-time study at the respective college or university, provided that the scholar meets the expected results at all times.