Country Program of Colombia

In Colombia our foundation is exclusively active in Medellín. Since 1996, it offers scholarships at Universidad EAFIT and at the technical school Instituto Pedro Justo Berrío.

Local Committee

Juan Esteban Arroyave, Norckzia Navarro, Alirio Jaramillo, Sandra Valencia and Octavio Pelaez
  • Dr. Alirio Jaramillo, Entrepreneur, President
  • Ing. Octavio Peláez, Alumni, President of CESE, alumni association
  • Ing. Juan Esteban Arroyave, Alumni, Head of CESE, alumni association
  • Norckzia Navarro de Ortiz, Responsible for scholarships
  • Sandra Valencia, Responsible for scholarships and secretary

Partner Universities and Colleges

Escuela de Administración, Finanzas, Investigación y Tecnología (EAFIT)
Instituto Pedro Justo Berrí

Alumni Association

CESE (Corporación Educación Suiza-Eafit)

CESE  (Corporación Educación Suiza-Eafit) was founded in 1999 in Medellín as an alumni association of Fundación Educación. One of the goals of this association is to facilitate the repayment of scholarships once alumnis of Fundación Educación start their professional careers. Hence, CESE collects such repayments, just as stipulated by the "Compromiso de Honor" and grants scholarships according to the guidelines of Fundación Educación. Further, this association actively tries to foster the contacts not only between alumnis but also alumni and scholars.