Cooperation between the Hera-und-Richard-Schahl Foundation and Fundación Educación

The Hera-and-Richard-Schahl-Foundation and Fundación Educación are delighted to announce their long-term cooperation for the advancement of education in Colombia. Both foundations focus on the support of talented young people coming from less privileged backgrounds by providing access to first-class education.

Many years of residence have given the founding couple of the Hera-and-Richard- Schahl-Foundation a special connection with Colombia, which is why the Foundation focuses, among other things, on awarding scholarships in this country. Through its cooperation with Fundación Educación, it is now involved in the higher education sector and in Medellín.

By awarding scholarships to young people from financially poor backgrounds to study at the renowned Universidad EAFIT in Medellín, young talents are given a first-class education, positive values are conveyed and better prospects are created for them and their families.

The awarding of the scholarships, the supervision of the scholarship holders and their integration into the alumni network CESE ("Corporación Educación Suiza-EAFIT") will be carried out according to the proven concept and by the local committee of Fundación Educación.