The big family of Fundación Educación!

Some impressions from the online events with our scholars and alumni

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In October 2020, the Swiss Board of Directors was able to participate via Zoom in the local meetings of scholars and alumni in Perú, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala. Due to the pandemic, the respective local committees organized the semester meeting as an online event. This enabled the participation of representatives from Switzerland as well as from our partner schools and universities.

The events set an important mark of cohesion and solidarity within the Foundation in these challenging times.

See impressions in words and pictures:

"What started out as a corona-related necessity has proven to be one of the best initiatives of the foundation within a few weeks. In addition to interesting and impressive information, just as many moving emotions were exchanged. Once again, I realized that as members of the Foundation Board of Fundación Educación, we have the best compensation there is, namely the success stories of our scholarship holders in all four countries!"

Ueli Frei, Director

"Despite the physical distance, they were moments of closeness. All generations participated and it was also important to laugh together. Particularly valuable: each and every student had the stage for himself or herself for a moment and all attention - regardless of character, situation and environment."

Christian Egli, Director

"Thank you for your time and dedication to our boys. It is a great motivation for them to see and listen to the members of the Board of Directors, but above all to know that they are watching their progress."

Mirna de Halimbourg, Executive Secretary, El Salvador

"Once again, thank you very much for attending the excellent zoom sessions. I think we all enjoyed it to the fullest and therefore I want to thank everyone involved in making these meetings possible and a true success."

Ricardo Cordero, President