Extension and rejuvenation of the local committee in Perú

We are pleased to announce that the local committee in Perú has been reconstituted by the election of four new members. This move has taken place on the occasion of the departure of the longtime member of the local committee, Colin Darbyshire, last September and ensures, by its extension and rejuvenation, the continuity of the committee. The members of the local committee also form the board of directors of Asociación Educación, our legal unit in Perú.

The local committee now consists of six members; they are supported by a local manager and their assistant:

  • George Gruenberg, President
  • Juan Mulder, Vice President
  • Pedro Crisóstomo
  • Claudine Gruenberg
  • Paul Mulder
  • Nancy Vega

  • Bertha Aspillaga, Management
  • Carmen Rosa Rojas, Assistant

Based on their previous performance record, their close association with the country program and their interest in educational questions, we are convinced that the new members will enrich the future work of the local committee with their commitment and experience.

It fills us with special joy and satisfaction that two former scholarship holders of the foundation are also active in the local committee.

Personal information on the new members of the local committee

Pedro Crisóstomo
40 years
Electrical Engineer, MS in Computer Science
Scholarship holder of Fundación Educación, studied at the Universidad Católica (PUCP)
Lecturer at the PUCP, supervisor of master thesis, independent consultant in the IT & start-up area

Claudine Gruenberg
42 years
Study of communication science
Co-editor of a magazine
Various engagements in cultural projects

Paul Mulder
33 years
Economist, MBA
Head of Corporate Finance, Química Suiza Group
Various board memberships

Nancy Vega
41 years
Communications consultant
Scholarship holder of Fundación Educación, studied at the Universidad de Lima
Entrepreneur; her company specializes in communication consulting