Annual Report 2022

A life mission beyond education

As we grow older, many of us spend more time reflecting on one’s «life mission». This is especially true in times like today, where many principles and values are seriously endangered! Thus, we must all pose ourselves the key question: «What is my contribution for a better world?»

At Fundación Educación, we truly believe that our work – performed with full passion by a team of over 35 members – somehow contributes to a «better world». At least to a certain extent in Latin America. Therefore, we hope that you enjoy reading our Annual Report (link), and that you soon realize that for everyone in our team, Fundación Educación truly is a life mission beyond education!

All of this is only possible thanks to your continued and strong support. Many thanks for this – yet also for recommending our foundation to other interested parties. Our secretariat (info(at) will be pleased to receive the respective contact details.