Save the Date October 8, 2019

Our 25th anniversary celebration in Zurich

Fundación Educación celebrates 25 years of its activity!

This is an excellent occasion to invite our strategic partners, donors, friends and interested parties to a ceremony in Zurich on Tuesday evening, October 8, 2019. This time we will focus on Perú – the country in which Fundación Educación started and granted its first scholarships.

In addition to insights into our work and impact through personal testimonials from scholars, we look forward to the speech from our keynote speaker Álvaro de Soto, Peruvian diplomat and for 25 years top official of the United Nations. Among others, he mediated the peace treaty in El Salvador and was involved as a mediator in the conflicts of Myanmar, Cyprus, Western Sahara and the Middle East. Today, he is an author and lecturer at Science Po, Paris.

Further details on location, time and program will follow in late summer.

Please reserve the evening of 8 October 2019 today – we look forward to welcoming you! Please take note of the new date.