Thank you-mail of Julia Fischer, Bärbel & Paul Geissbühler Foundation

The feedback we received from a donor after her visit to Peru


First of all, I would like to say MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS to Fundación Educación!!!

The visit to Perú from 22 - 25.01.2019 was great in many ways. Isabel Stirnimann had prepared everything perfectly from Switzerland, and in Lima Bertha Aspíllaga and the other members of the Local Committee, Pedro Crisóstomo and Nancy Vega, made a very impressive and smooth trip possible.

We met scholarship holders from Universidad Católica and UTEC/TECSUP and learned about their motivation, family background and received exciting insights into their visions, goals and contributions to Peru's development. In addition, at a meeting with the Local Committee, where its president, George Gruenberg, and his daughter Claudine were present, we gained insights into the organizational structure and local processes (selection process, etc.).

An evening with former scholarship holders impressively demonstrated that they have made their ideas / visions come true and have interesting jobs and important positions in professional life. By exchanging ideas with current scholarship holders, these alumni have assumed an important function as role models for the scholars.

I was particularly impressed by how the scholarship holders are engaged by the "Compromiso de Honor" in a positive sense and how they want to retribute the trust placed in them by making their own contributions. They all feel a responsibility and wish to give something back and contribute something to the development of Peru and beyond. The association of scholarship holders and alumni functions like a family that supports one another, passes on knowledge, makes recommendations and ensures stability and continuity – a very important task since many scholars come from an environment that doesn’t provide a god basis for successful studies.

The local "brain" is Bertha Aspíllaga, who with her team holds all the strings together and inspires and drives the scholarship holders with her maternal manner on the one hand and her very clear and disciplined attitude on the other.

Last but not least: the necessary processes (selection process, administration, training of the scholarship holders, IT). In my opinion, these are not a given. Here they seem to interlock seamlessly and thus create the prerequisite for the functioning of the entire system.

As an addition, I would find it helpful to develop indicators that help to measure the success of a scholarship. Isabel, you had already initiated a corresponding project on site.

So again, many thanks to everyone for the good preparation, Isabel, for the wonderful care on site and a hearty greeting and a heartfelt thank you to Nancy and Pedro, George and Claudine, and, of course, especially to Bertha and her team.

Keep up the good work and best regards from Julia from Berlin!