Jasmine Soto Jayo, Perú

Mechanical Engineering, PUCP

I always completed my studies in the upper fifth of the year.

The question for my thesis developed from a term paper: «How can the design of the burners that are commercially available in Peru be improved so that the pressure is reduced and the efficiency increased, making the appliances safer, more economical and also more environmentally friendly?» I had the opportunity to present my research results at the 16th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering Education, and Technology and to publish them in the journal SCIELO of the Centro de Información Tecnológica (CIT) in Chile.

Since last year, I am working in the Repsol Group, first as a trainee in mining, then in the refinery La Pampilla. I would like to specialize in the hydrocarbon industry, for which I will take various further training courses in Lima and then hope to be able to complete a Master's degree abroad. My goal is to reach a management position in an international oil or gas company.