Juan David Ocampo Vargas, Colombia

Student of Product Design Engineering, EAFIT, formerly IPJB

Since my school days at the Instituto Pedro Justo Berrío, one of my biggest dreams was to study at EAFIT University.

Thanks to the support of the Fundación Educación, I can now do so despite our limited financial capacity. My dream has come true, which has changed my life and that of my family and also gives me hope that one can go much further, and that dreaming is worthwhile.

As a fourth semester student, I am part of the Kratos team, a program of the EAFIT University  and the Postobón company, which aims to offer students practical experience in innovative and high-impact projects of international scope. I am part of the MEI (Movilidad Ecológica Inclusiva) project, which aims to provide waste pickers in Medellín with an alternative vehicle to improve their working conditions. I lead the design and manufacturing subsystem.