Santiago Castrillón Galvis, Colombia

Student of Systems Engineering, EAFIT, formerly IPJB

Fundación Educación took on my education costs when we could no longer pay the school fees for the Instituto Pedro Justo Berrío (IPJB) due to my father's unemployment.

At the IPJB I was awarded as best in software development. So, I started studying systems engineering at EAFIT. Since then, parallel to my studies, I have participated in various programming marathons, conferences, research groups and support programs for young programmers. I now also lead these programs as a student assistant, as I have also discovered my love for teaching. One project, the generation of routes for autonomous vehicles, led to the nomination of our team for the Gemis Prize. I also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jorge Tabares, Director of the Department of Professional Practice at EAFIT, and also with the Department of Mathematical Epidemiology at EAFIT on the development of a project.

My gratitude and close familial connection to the foundation motivates me to fulfill my commit- ment to excel academically and to help others. I know from my own experience how important it is to help and contribute to give others the opportunity to realize their dreams just like us.