Compromiso de Honor

The Meaning of the “Compromiso de Honor”

The "Compromiso de Honor" is a moral obligation of our scholars to repay their scholarship once they have graduated, and in accordance with their economic possibilities.

As such, the Compromiso de Honor is an "oath" that every scholar gives to Fundación Educación at a special ceremony once our foundation has granted him or her a scholarship. In all of our four countries the same text is used and read aloud at that ceremony by the new scholars that have been accepted in our program.

In some countries the sums gathered from the Compromiso de Honor are already substantial. For example, in the case of Perú, over 40% of the budget can nowadays be financed via these monies. Overall the total amount of monies recouped via the Compromiso de Honor since the year 2000 surpasses USD 1.8 million.

Following the same principle of the Compromiso de Honor, the alumni association in Colombia, CESE, finances its own scholarship program from monies that alumni of our foundation gradually repay to that association.

Download text of the Compromiso de Honor in English (PDF)

Download text of the Compromiso de Honor in Spanish (PDF)