Benjamín Aróstegui - From mechanic to becoming Director of the Engineering School of a Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

My name is Benjamin Arostegui, I am 35 years old and I want to share my story with you.

At the end of my basic education (5th year of secondary school), I decided to study a career related to mechanics at a national university. There I spent a beautiful time and learned many things. But when I graduated, I was not really satisfied with my formation due to the lack of equipment and means for the practical activities of the courses in the national university.

I decided to look for a job, which was rather difficult for me as for any who graduates from a national university. So, I decided to better continue my studies in a prestigious institution that is well equipped, in order to fill the gap that a state institution usually has. In July 2006 I enrolled at TECSUP and studied Maintenance of Heavy Machinery. During my earlier studies I had been able to work and save some money, which I now invested in this new career.

My savings only lasted for one semester. From Enit Vivanco, our student advisor, I heard of this opportunity to receive a scholarship that did not require any guarantee or further requisitions other than the commitment to maintain a good academic performance and the repayment of the full scholarship.

At that time, Peru was going through rough times and trust had been lost especially in politicians. There was a lot of insecurity everywhere. It was kind of difficult to understand that someone would be willing to take up the responsibility for my scholarship.

Fundación Educación came into my life like a light in the distance. Without much complications, Fundación Educación accepted my request, so I was able to continue my studies and finish the technical career in 3 years. From then on, my professional life took a tremendous turn.

When I graduated from TECSUP I got four job offers and I felt very happy. I paid back my scholarship as soon as possible and I realized that not only had I gotten financial support but also a second mother – Bertha Aspillaga – who was always very attentive and kind to me. I also regained trust in manhood, I regained the believe that people can keep a word, that honesty and commitments really exist.

I believe that Fundación Educación transformed my life, because, one, it allowed me to complete my studies and, two, it made me understand the values of honesty and trust.

It is for this reason that following the initiative of Ernst Keller, I carry out talks, seminars and technological events through the engineering school that I lead in an educational institution in Lima, Peru. My purpose is to promote the professional education of people and to break the myths that a qualitative education is impossible, because there are opportunities and they are available for everyone.

It is very gratifying for me to be able to share my experience with you. It is a proof that giving a hand to another person is like uniting links in a chain with an exponential effect on people. Muchas gracias.