Ricardo Zimic - his goal is to become a digital communications expert

My name is Ricardo Zimic. I am a Peruvian journalist and former fellow of Fundación Educación.

I remember that the foundation's help came to me when I needed it most.

I was studying the last semesters of my bachelor’s in journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru while working to pay for my studies, which was strenuous. Despite that, I had good grades and my teachers recognized my talent. My mother had irregular income and my father was ill, so the family's economic situation was precarious.

When I heard that I had been selected to receive the help of the foundation, the first thing I did was to take a deep breath, very deep. I felt an immense relief: I finally had the support I needed to finally focus on my studies.

That's how I graduated as a journalist and got my first job as an online editor and then as a TV reporter. Throughout my professional career, I have reported a wide variety of news, from natural disasters in Peru’s northern regions to international summits of leaders in Lima city.

Each experience has taught me to not only be a responsible professional but also a person committed to the development of one’s community. Also, to think globally and to act locally in synergy with others to achieve sustainable changes towards a better and fairer society.

Currently, I am studying a Master's in Media and Communication Science in Ilmenau Technology University thanks to a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). This is another step in my development as a global changemaker.

Fundación Educación played an important role in this story because the members of its Local Committee trusted my talent and my commitment. So today I thank them in the best way I know, namely aiming to generate a positive impact on society from both my personal life and profession.