Pablo Prado - manager or entrepreneur?

I´m Pablo Prado from Guatemala City. I am 22 years old, and I am studying at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG) currently in the fifth year of Mechatronic Engineering.  This is my last year at UVG, and although it poses many challenges, I feel satisfied because I am finishing my career.  My family is undergoing a difficult economic situation; my father is unemployed, and as a family we had to reduce our budget as much as possible. 

The scholarship I received from Fundación  Educación  has changed my life, because  since my first year at UVG, I prayed God to help my family with economic resources in order to pay the cost of my studies. This scholarship allowed me to study full time. Thanks to Fundación Educación I have been able to great academic and personal experiences at UVG.

When I graduate, my goal is to get a job in one of the best companies in Guatemala, such as Cementos Progreso or the Cervecería, among other top Guatemalan  companies.  In fact, I am already applying for a job in these companies.  I hope I can obtain a job, to be able to help my family.

My second goal is to start my own business. Finally, I expressed my commitment with the “Compromiso de Honor”, because I know that, with my contribution, other Guatemalan youths will have the same study opportunity as I have had.  I know what it means that other people can get the same benefits I got. I´m proud to be part of this foundation.