Rodrigo Martín Ramírez Barrios - never give up

I am 22 years old and I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

I was raised with my sister Fernanda, by my two parents Enrique and Ondina. Nowadays, I live at Guatemala City, my parents do not live with me anymore, and I live just with my sister, who means a very important support to me and a very valuable person. We both work at different jobs and we keep our own home by ourselves.

In this year 2020, I am proud to say that I am a Business Engineer having finished the curriculum map required by the Faculty of Engineering from the Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala. Same where I started my university career on January 11th 2016, and where I attended during four years to conclude in November 2019.

I chose Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala to study my career for its technical program of quality and for the various job opportunities that the Engineers graduated from this house of studies may apply. However, my mother was always very aware of the economic sacrifice that meant studying in this university, which was the reason why I decided to apply for a financial aid, since my desire to study in the engineering faculty of the UVG was irreplaceable. The University supported my idea.

During the second half of 2016, I suffered one of the biggest crisis that has marked my life, my mother, my only support in my studies and my biggest support at home, suddenly passed away because of an unexpected brain problem, making me doubt about the opportunities I had to continue studying a professional career. From that decay, the support I received from the university and my family, especially my aunt Astrid Barrios Rímola (also a former UVG student) was indispensable for me for not to give up. In the same I take advantage to thank the direction of Development of the University´s Foundation and FUNDACION EDUCACIÓN for listening to my need, trusting my potential and giving me the tools to keep working and studying until I became a professional.

Actually, I have been working at Tigo Guatemala for a year, a telecommunications company leader in its market. It was there where I got the opportunity to join the adult and the working world, starting my participation at the company as a trainee in August 2018, and later, hired as a full time employee at February 2019.

So, as a reward and gratitude for giving me the opportunity to get the tools that I acquired during my University career, and the experience I gained along the years cursed at the University, that made me grow as a student and as a person, also for giving me the support to overcame the difficulties and achieved the objectives that I set out throughout my career, I commit myself to fulfill with the honor commitment I signed with FUNDACION EDUCACIÓN, contributing to the fund with a part my salary whenever the conditions of my life allow me, during the rest of my life.