Obituary for George Gruenberg

On June 12, 2021, our long-time president of the Local Committee of Fundación Educación in Perú, George Gruenberg, passed away at the age of 83.

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Under his leadership, the foundation in Perú paved its way to today's successful concept and growth. As an entrepreneur, it was clear to him that social and economic progress depends on the quality and the will to perform of all those involved. As a connoisseur of Perú, he knew about the potential of talented and ambitious young people, who are denied access to professional training for financial reasons. His conviction coincided with the idea of our foundation.

As a successful entrepreneur, George had a clear eye when selecting scholars. Assuming academic performance, solid character traits were in the foreground. In periodic meetings with the scholars, he drew their attention to their responsibility towards the countless young people from underprivileged circles who do not have the same chance. This has also contributed a great deal to the fact that once they have entered the labour market, the graduates voluntarily undertake to repay the amounts received for additional scholarships for the benefit of needy young people, keeping their “Compromiso de Honor” commitment. George was a "doer". He also demanded excellent academic performance from the scholars and later solid professional activity. He was credible. So, it is not surprising that the scholars achieve top performances and that the foundation has been able to open the way as recognized specialists and managers to 771 young people from needy backgrounds in Perú since its foundation 27 years ago.

George Gruenberg came as a one-year-old from Switzerland with his parents to Perú, where his father represented various Swiss companies. After primary and secondary schools in Perú and professional training in Switzerland, George decided to become a permanent resident in Perú, where he married, started a family, and developed an impressive entrepreneurial activity.

The image of George would not be complete without the reference to his various humanitarian engagements, including in our Foundation, and also as an initiator and promoter of cultural institutions, such as the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Lima  (MAC Lima).

We mourn the loss of our friend George!

Franz X. Stirnimann, on behalf of the Board of Fundación Educación