Re-visit our FEDtalks!

If you have missed it – here is the link to the video of our much-acclaimed event

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, we celebrated our first FEDtalks – a virtual event featuring three of our scholars and alumni, from Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM), in Guatemala. We had over 100 live participants and meanwhile more than 440 views from all over the globe. Taking the numerous and very positive reactions we received, we can proudly say that this event was a great success!

One of our strategic partners, the van Kesteren Foundation, sent us the following message: “We are proud to be part of your foundation, as your foundation stands out for its clear focus, professionalism, and, above all, performance. This was again evident in this recent event!”

At the event, Gabriel Calzada, President of the UFM, mentioned: “Fundación Educación is not the only foundation we work with. But I always say, wherever I go: when it comes to supporting students, Fundación Educación is the ‘gold standard’ of supporting students at university level – because it is the equivalent of ‘smart money’”.

So, (re-)visit our event, and listen to the speeches of three of our young talents: Powerful Ideas for Change 

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do and look forward to receiving your feedback. Please feel free to share it with other interested parties – there is still a lot to do at Fundación Educación!

Thanks again to all of you who accompanied us!